Guadeloupe Historical Society

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The Guadeloupe Historical Society, founded on 12 July 1963 by a handful of enthusiasts and awaited by individuals expressing great interest in information on the subject, was heavily involved in the development and sharing of this info.

Boasting the uninterrupted publication of a bulletin on the local, national and international level since 1964 (and now at number 169), the Historical Society has gone to great lengths since its inception to participate in Guadeloupe's intellectual life.

Through the organisation of exhibitions and conferences and its publication of essays, it has remained one of the major players of this intellectual life, safeguarding both its interrogations and thoughts.

It has always sought to remain open to its immediate environment, the Caribbean; accordingly, many of the Society's members delighted in discovering and rediscovering it through the various excursions it has organised there.

In more academic terms, its founding ties with the Association of Caribbean Historians, which brings together Francophones, Anglophones, Spanish-speakers and Dutch-speakers, have prompted several of the Historical Society's members to serve as its presidents and affirm the broader scope of this association, now founded over a half century ago.

Société d'Histoire de la Guadeloupe
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