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The Departmental Archives carry out the scientific and technical monitoring of public records, they collect, classify, store, communicate and promote the stock of archives that derive from activities related to government offices, local authorities, public companies and institutions, notaries and, in the private sector, associations, individuals, companies, etc.

Under the authority of the President of the Departmental Council, their missions are:


The Departmental Archives collect public records that derive from activities related to government offices, the Departmental Council, public companies and institutions, certain communities and notaries.
By way of gift or deposit, they receive private archives from individuals, families, associations and companies.

They collect printed documents (daily newspapers, periodicals, books, magazines, posters, flyers, etc.) in accordance with the legal deposit of the department's printers and publishers.


Archives are made available to the public after they have been sorted and classified, which gives rise to research tools (inventories, databases, etc.). 


To ensure that archives are physically stored in the best possible conditions, they are packaged in specific materials and stored in warehouses whose climate (humidity, temperature, air circulation, etc.) is controlled. Damaged archives are subject to restoration, binding, digitisation or disinfection.


Once archives have been classified, they are made available to as many people as possible: administrative personnel that need to consult their files, citizens who want to claim their rights, researchers who seek historical sources, genealogists and local history buffs who are in search of their roots, etc.

Under the authority of Guadeloupe's Regional Prefect, their mission is:

The scientific and technical monitoring of all of the department's public records: the Departmental Archives provide authorisations to eliminate archives, they monitor archive storage conditions, classification and access and they define the length of time that public records are kept.