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The educational department is the permanent and key link between the education system and the cultural institution." (circular jointly issued by the Ministries of Education and Culture on 3 March 1993).

Since 1975 and in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Guadeloupe departmental council offers a number of activities for school children.

The educational department is run by a history teacher: he enables primary, secondary and grammar school students - and other students - to come into direct contact with archived documents and to learn about the institution that ensures their storage. He establishes and develops a partnership between the Departmental Archives and schools and universities.

The educational department's ambition is to develop critical thinking through the study and examination of archived documents, to stimulate students' personal thought regarding their local history, to elicit curiosity through original archives, to initiate historical research in a fun manner through the examination of various types of original documents, in short, to teach students to become citizens and to take ownership of their history.

So, feel free to contact the educational department to borrow a travelling exhibition, to benefit from pedagogical workshops, to visit the building or if you're considering an educational project that is based on a topic that interests you.